Systems. Revenue. Profit.

Here at Eleyae Systems, we are not your typical digital marketing or design shop – we are operations professionals who do digital marketing. 

Our focus is on a systematic approach to all aspects of ecommerce.

We help you:

  • negotiate with manufacturers
  • hire influencers for your brand
  • build daily profitability dashboards for you
  • build retargeting campaigns on multiple ad networks.

And so much more.

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My name is Emmanuel Eleyae and I am passionate about E-commerce!


I started my first e-commerce journey in September of 2014 and it has been an interesting journey with lots of struggles which I will share with you on this site.

I feel like this e-commerce journey is the culmination of everything I’ve been working towards in my entire professional life:

  • I was in the military and primarily handled logistics and operations which helped me learn how to build a team and manage the flow of material and equipment nationally and internationally.
  • I worked at Amazon fulfillment and I got to see how to manage distribution and inventory at a very high level, as well as how to scale up and scale down an operation.
  • I studied business and computer science in school and always knew one day I would like to be in a direct to consumer business.

Now I have the benefit of bringing those lessons to your e-commerce company where distribution, technology, marketing, branding, and all come together to make for an interesting work day, all day everyday!

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