Optimizing your Shopify Store: Proven Strategies for Success

Building and maintaining a website can be stressful and overwhelming. You may not know where to start. By focusing on 2 important metrics - average order value & conversion rate - the list of things you need to do to optimize decreases dramatically. This will also help to change your revenue stream. You can have a big impact by making small changes.

First Steps 

In order to ensure that you’re getting the highest conversion rate and average order value possible we need to go through a few steps. We look at all your configurations and make sure everything is in order. We also look at the buyer’s journey, which will tell us what it’s like to buy something from your website. You don’t want any errors that will make it difficult to place an order. Next, we look at what kind of customer support options you have in place. You want it to be easy for customers to get the help they need. Lastly, we will make sure all your apps are connected and configured properly. All this will guarantee you have a smooth easy process established.

Sales Strategy

Next we will take a look at what kinds of offers and promotions you have in place. Upsales, cross sales, and your overall discount strategy will be looked at to decide what will work best for you to improve your conversion rate and average order value. We will also need to gather product review and social proof to add to your website, which includes image and video reviews. Doing this is an easy and effective way to increase sales because people naturally want to hear from other customers.

Your Role

Once everything is built and installed, we will teach you how to use and maintain your store so it will continue to grow. Additionally, with the creative bonus we will edit and redo the copy for your website. We will help build efficient inventory strategy and techniques, including how to forecast inventory. This will help you keep best sellers in stock and make sure you aren’t overstocked with slow sellers. With these systems in place, your website will be fully optimized for maximum growth.