One trick took us from 3k to 36k email subscribers in a few months

It was a pretty big summer for email list growth, going from 3k email subscribers the 8 months prior to 36k email subscribers during the 3 months of summer. That jump came entirely from one change – a squeeze page. We primarily do influencer marketing and had previously sent all that traffic to the homepage.

Examples: Homepage | Squeeze Page

We made the decision to send all campaign traffic to a landing page where there was nothing to do but sign up for a 10% discount- making it a “squeeze page.” We were worried about people bouncing who would have purchased but took a gamble that this email thing would work out and we could make up for it on second+ visit sales from email rather than relying solely on first visit sales like we had been.

It worked really well – we ended up with only 30% of traffic signing up, but by adding retargeting to that page with adroll we got about 10% more of those folks that left back. We increased sales for that channel(influencer marketing) by 44% because we were able to capture more people who wouldn’t purchase on the first visit and would typically forget about us. We were able to get them back to purchase.

With about 23k uniques a month in traffic, we had about 6k-8k signups a month. So in the end it was a risk worth taking!