Maximizing your Marketing Efforts with Facebook Ads

Social media ads are one of the most powerful tools in marketing. With over 2 billion active users on facebook alone, there is potential to significantly grow your business. Using facebook ads is the fastest way to grow your revenue, increase traffic to your website, and scale up your business. It is also the most costly, so it is important that you save this step for last. You want every other part of your business to be fully optimized before jumping into paid advertising. Make sure you are getting the most out of your other marketing techniques so you have the revenue to fully support social media advertising. 

First Step: Optimization

Before running facebook ads, Eleyae Systems will make sure everything is optimized and in order so you have the best outcome. This includes running through our checklists and making sure everything is properly connected, installed, configured, and optimized. We identify what's broken or not working and fix it. This helps to build a solid structure so you can run successful ads. 

Our Approach to Ads

Eleyae Systems is focused on omnipresence for brands. We want your customers aware of your presence on social media. This includes using a prospecting and retargeting method for ads. With retargeting, we want to reach people who have heard of you and are familiar with your content but maybe haven’t actually made a purchase yet. We want to put offers in front of these people in order to drive them back to your site. On the other hand, prospecting consists of finding strangers and introducing them to your brand. These ads reach a wide audience and promote brand awareness above all. Simply put, prospecting ads find new customers and retargeting ads encourage previous customers to return.

Creative Bonus

With the creative bonus, we teach you about creative and help you create assets that will work specifically for social media ads. Usually if ads aren’t doing well it's not because of the strategy, it’s because you don't have enough or the right kind of creative. We help find what works best for your brand and ensure that you have plenty of assets because a large volume of creative is needed for success in Facebook ads. We can make assets based on what you already have along with user generated content so you don't have to record more footage. After everything is all set up and running, we teach you how to use the new tools we’ve implemented. We give you the playbook, systems, and our ideas so you can successfully run and scale up your business yourself.