How to Market to Gen Z

How to market to Gen Z - Marketing to Gen Z - Generation Z marketing tips - How to market your brand to Gen Z

How to Market to Gen Z

Generation Z or Gen Z is the term used for Americans born from 1997 to 2012. 

Gen Z is here! To the most diverse generation in history, making up 30% of the world's population, you'll need a few things... 

Strong Values

Sustainability and respect for nature are big for Gen Z with over 55% of Gen Z choosing brands they feel are socially and environmentally friendly (or trying their best to be). 

Gen Z believes the purpose of a brand is to serve the community and society. Brands taking a strong stance on social issues has become the norm, instead of the exception.  Take a look at this tweet from Ben & Jerry’s...

This may seem like a strong stance for an ice cream company, but Gen Z doesn’t buy from or pay attention to brands that “sit on the fence” when it comes to social issues.

Once you know what you stand for, it’s time to showcase the other components of your brand to Gen Z. 

Personality & Originality

Instead of copying other brands or trying not to ruffle feathers, be different and STAND OUT. 

Check out @Wendy’s description section on Twitter below. 

and this tweet from @Charmin

Think they're funny? A bit sarcastic, kinda lame? 

They're all those things, and do exactly what they should do... make you interested enough to scroll their social feed a bit longer. 

Now that you know what parts of your brand to show Gen Z, we'll tell you how to show them in a way that Gen Z will interact with. 

Tap into their FOMO

Tapping into Gen Z’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), is a great way to Gen Z involved with your brand. Gen Z wants to make an impact, they want their voices heard and their opinions considered by brands they buy from. 

Time-sensitive marketing (polls, reels, and asking for advice on products and services) and leaving the window to interaction small brings Gen Z to your brand through their fear of missing out on new releases and experiences, and chances for them to give their feedback. 

Celebrate Diversity & Inclusivity

FentyBeauty was founded by Rhianna with the idea that a makeup company should be inclusive of all skin types. She built her brand to celebrate racial and cultural diversity, and FentyBeauty's marketing showcases that.

Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation to date and they gravitate to brands that celebrate and encourage that diversity. 

Now that you know how to present yourself to Gen Z let's look at where Gen Z likes to be presented and marketed to. 

Most Popular Platforms for Gen Z 

The image below shows the most checked social media platforms for Gen z, the national survey (in the image below) was conducted with over 1800 people in the US between the ages of 13 and 21. 

Here's more information on each platform... 


YouTube is a favorite for Gen Z, with 62.48% of survey respondents saying they check it every single day. Instead of the TV, Youtube is the #1 place that Gen Z goes to for entertainment. 


Snapchat is a big draw for Gen Z with over 51% of people between the ages of 13 and 21 checking their snap scores every single day. 


Instagram still has a strong grip on Gen Z . No other social media platform comes close in the survey, with 64.59% of Gen Z saying they check the app daily.

Tik Tok

Although it scored low on the list in the survey TikTok has over 680 million users worldwide and 25% of US TikTokers are between the ages of 10-19, making TikTok the #1 place to raise a vital component of any brand’s strategy to connect with Gen Z.

You know where to find Gen Z online, here's how to make content they'll actually interact with. 

How to Use Social Media to Market to Gen Z 

With an 8-second attention span, Gen Z has an appetite for quick content, some of the best ways to get Gen Z involved with your brand and content are to:  

  1. Make things Interactive - Gen Z wants to tap, swipe, and click. Voting polls, stickers, and sliders built into your content are great ways to get them to interact with your brand. 
  2. Show off your physical location - showing off your Instagramable physical location capitalizes on Gen Z’s FOMO and makes them want to come and share their experience with your brand IRL 
  3. Keep content short and sweet - You should be constantly posting stories, reels, TikTok's, and videos on your brand's social media, the more frequent and consumable the better. That means using plenty of memes, gifs, screenshots, and infographics!

That's it Fam 

After reading this post you should know where, how, and why your brand is posting content, if you still don't, reach out and let us help!

As an added bonus, look through our Gen Z lexicon below and stay in the loop with Gen Z lingo. 

Gen Z Lexicon 

Lit - cool, fun, exciting, 

Fam - (short for family) something you call family, and/or close acquaintances. 

Cray - (short for crazy) 

Sus - (short for suspicious or suspect) this word is used to describe things that are not up to par. 

Instagramable - A place or thing that is pleasing to the eye. Something you’d take a picture of (or yourself in front of) and post to Instagram. 

FOMO - FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”

Clout - High social reputation

Cap - A lie 

Bussin’ - Something that is great or amazing. 

Thanks for reading!