How much we made doing email marketing with Klaviyo, and why it’s my biggest takeaway from 2015.

I can’t speak highly enough on the topic of email & autoresponders, and how they can increase the revenue of your business.  Overall, we made roughly $160k from email marketing with Klaviyo over the course of the year, and we only really got started in May.  This year I plan to double that number. The majority of the revenue came from just 5 autoresponder’s with 2-4 emails each.


My key takeaway’s from launching our email program:

  1. Klaviyo is a gamechanger for ecommerce email marketing – the ability to dynamically insert the product a customer was looking at into an abandoned cart email easily is just one of the many things that blew me away. Very powerful! While it’s still a challenge to view solid reporting and data analysis or to A/B test flow’s, those don’t outweigh the benefits of using this platform for ecommerce. I found it to be far an away a much better alternative to mail chimp, and switching over was really easy because they port over your campaigns, lists, emails, and segments for you and keep them synced.

  2. The cost/benefit ratio of email is enormous. It was about 2-3 months of work building the autoresponders, then 0 after that for the next 6 months to infinity! The email’s kept going out on schedule and revenue kept coming in with the only cost being the fee’s we paid to Klaviyo.(about $350 once we reached about 25k-30k subscribers) – very high ROI!

  3. I had initially thought you’d need to have 20-30 different autoresponders after listening to all the marketing automation guru’s out there – #infusionsoftiscomplex! Having just 5 autoresponder’s was enough to generate solid results.

  4. Starting with just 1 and seeing how straightforward it is to create as well as the benefits of using an autoresponder leads to making more of them. More importantly it leads to testing more. – Segments, copy, headlines, send times, etc. It gets addicting!

  5. It’s easy to build out autoresponders once you have a basic template. With a logo and footer, just add content into the middle with a call to action and your email is done. Coming up with content for the email is easy too. Just copy a blog post and paste it in, or take a section from your landing page, an image from social media, or a product from your site and you’re done. Add it to one of your autoresponder’s with timing in a sequence and it will go out automatically from now on!

  6. The majority of the $160k in revenue came from our prospect sequence which was attached to a marketing campaign, but the rest of them were not – we were able to capture over $30k of value with winback campaigns, survey requests, and re-engagement campaigns. This is revenue I wouldn’t have caught and I’m glad we started these campaigns.

  7. Using a discount ladder was an amazing addition to our email marketing program and difficult to do without using an ESP like Klaviyo. Essentially, you can offer increasing discounts to people who did not buy yet to get them to buy, and if they do buy, the discount offers stop. For example, if after 1 week someone hasn’t bought, send them a 10% off coupon, after 30 day’s a 20% off coupon, then a 30% off coupon two months later. The secret to this, is if they buy with the 20% coupon, they should NOT get the 30% off coupon.

While it was quite a struggle to figure out how to do it, it was a much better result that I had expected and I’m glad we took the time to get it going. What shopping cart are you using and what email service provider do you currently have?