Empowering Growth: OCOA Beauty's Success with Eleyae Systems’ Audit + Optimization Package

This past week we got to sit down with Cory & Nicol Varona, the founders of OCOA Beauty, and ask them for some feedback about their experience with our Audit + Optimization program.

In this video they give their honest feedback about their experience working with us and we appreciate it!

Creative Process

One of the cornerstones of a successful collaboration is a creative process that rejuvenates a brand’s identity. Cory and Nicol highlighted the ease with which Eleyae Systems breathed new life into their content, with Nicol stating at 1:46 “You guys maximized the content that we provided and made it look very cohesive.” We utilized existing materials to craft fresh and distinct content, which made for impactful advertisements. The results were immediate and impressive, leading to increased engagement and performance beyond their previous efforts.

A Strategic Approach to Testing Ads

Effective marketing involves testing and refining strategies to pinpoint what resonates with their target audience. OCOA Beauty had not been experimenting with diverse content and copy for their ads, as Cory points out at 6:25, “What we’ve done wouldn’t really compare.” With Eleyae Systems on board, we took a systematic approach to testing ads, which revealed valuable insights into their audience preferences. The outcome was significant: an upsurge in orders, email subscribers, and social media followers, emphasizing the importance of strategic ad testing.

Audit Insights

The Audit + Optimization package proved its worth by identifying critical areas for improvement that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Cory and Nicol emphasized the value of this comprehensive assessment, with Nicol at 9:10 pointing out, “It definitely has paid off, we have seen the results everywhere.” Our holistic overview and in-depth analysis of their brand revealed growth opportunities that would have taken considerable time to recognize independently. The audit we provided worked as a roadmap to elevate their business, resulting in tangible gains. 

Knowledge Empowerment and Ease of Learning

Cory and Nicol spoke highly of Eleyae Systems’ dedication to imparting knowledge. At 17:50 Cory says, “You did a really good job explaining and providing the reporting and even though the first time that I saw the report I was a little overwhelmed, you walked us through it and it felt like it made sense.” The reports we provided were not only user-friendly, but also gave them actionable insights and next steps. Eleyae Systems demonstrates a commitment to education as we carefully guided the founders through each finding. Our thorough explanation empowered Cory and Nicol to make informed decisions confidently.

Responsive Collaboration and Flexibility

The testimonial highlighted Eleyae Systems’ exceptional responsiveness and flexibility. In Nicol’s own words at 19:05, she says “You guys were very responsive too, you were always on it if there was a question or something that we wanted to fix. It was really easy to work with you guys.” Cory and Nicol felt at ease collaborating with us, knowing that their questions and concerns would be promptly addressed. The seamless interaction and supportive atmosphere we created helped to foster an environment of growth and learning, which contributed to the success of the partnership. 

Cory and Nicol’s testimonial shines a light on the profound impact of the Audit + Optimization package. The partnership not only fosters growth but also embodies our commitment to propelling brands towards success. To learn more about our Audit and Optimization package, send us an email at: [email protected]. We’d love to schedule a call with you!

And check out OCOA Beauty’s website here!