Elevating Business Growth: Tanja Collins' Success Story with Eleyae Systems' Audit + Optimization Package

This past week we got to sit down with Tanja Collins - founder of the brand Striking + Strong and ask her for some feedback about her experience with our Audit & Optimization program.

In this video, she gives her honest feedback about her experience working with us and we appreciate it!

Effortless Collaboration

Tanja Collins emphasized that the overall process of the Audit & Optimization Package was characterized by its simplicity. At 6:58 she says, “I can trust you all to do what you need to do and then come back to me with actionable feedback, so to me that’s very valuable.” The feedback she received was not only easy to understand, but also straightforward to implement. This streamlined approach allowed her to grasp essential improvements while entrusting Eleyae Systems to handle the intricacies, enabling her to concentrate on other aspects of her business. 


Tanja expressed how her experience with Eleyae Systems not only led to tangible growth, but also gave her confidence in making informed decisions. She states at 3:17: “I feel much more confident now that the changes and the steps that we’re gonna make are gonna positively impact not only our business, but also the customer journey on our website.” With the insights and guidance we provided, she felt more equipped to continue enhancing her business and make strategic choices that aligned with her goals.

Creative Process

The speed at which creative assets were conceptualized and developed left a lasting impression. At 5:08 she pointed out “The fact that you all could piece something together so quickly for us that I felt really encapsulated what we were trying to get across so quickly was great.” Equally noteworthy was the diversity and quality of these assets.By seamlessly incorporating her existing assets and brand guidelines, the creative team created an array of new assets that Tanja described as “masterful.” 

Timely Feedback

Tanja talks about how she appreciated that Eleyae Systems maintained open lines of communication throughout the process. At 1:46 she reiterated that “The quickness at which everybody was able to move to give me their feedback and to set up next steps was great.” Feedback and revisions on creative materials were swiftly implemented to ensure they aligned with her business’s vision and objectives. 

Building Trust

In Tanja's own words, at 1:10, "You all made me feel like I was part of the process." This sense of collaboration highlights Eleyae System’s dedication to making clients feel integral to their strategies. Tanja's trust in the agency's ability to provide actionable feedback resonated deeply with her, emphasizing the value of the partnership.

Eleyae Systems' Audit + Optimization package not only simplified the process for Striking + Strong but also instilled a renewed sense of confidence in business enhancement. To learn more about our Audit and Optimization package, send us an email at: [email protected].  We’d love to schedule a call with you!