About Me

My name is Emmanuel Eleyae and I have a new found passion- Ecommerce! I started my first ecommerce journey with the rest of my family members in September of 2014 and it has been an interesting journey with lots of struggles which I will write about here on this blog.

I feel like this ecommerce journey is the culmination of everything I’ve been working towards in my entire professional life:

I was in the military and primarily handled logistics and operations which helped me learn how to build a team and manage the flow of material and equipment nationally and internationally.

I worked at Amazon fulfillment and I got to see how to manage distribution and inventory at a very high level, as well as how to scale up and scale down an operation.

I studied business and computer science in school and always knew one day I would like to be in a direct to consumer business.

Now I have the benefit of bringing those lessons to an ecommerce company where distribution, technology, marketing, branding, and family dynamics all come together to make for an interesting work day, all day everyday!